Joining Ginny and Nicole.

I’ve included photos of the finished Odila pullover cape. Eddie loves it and she decided to let me add the pocket. I’m glad. It looks so much better with one. You might notice her eyes are a tad red-rimmed in the photos. She threw one of her epic tantrums ten minutes prior to us walking outside and thus the worse-for-wear look about her.

My chipped manicure, on the other hand, for that I have no excuse.

I received my Quince and Co Tern in Dusk for my Hollows shawl and I had to knit up a few swatches before figuring out the needles size required to get as close to gauge as possible. I was going to start on it yesterday but on Sunday I volunteered to knit up a quick test knit for one of my favorite designers, Sam Lamb, so I’ll most likely start the shawl later in the week. Her designs are simple, cozy and always include the perfect amount of color work: just enough to make the design interesting and fun but not so much that you feel intimidated or feel like you’re committing to a project that is going to take FOR-EV-ER. Naturally, I had to purchase some new worsted weight yarn for said project so I stopped by my LYS and picked up Dream In Color Classy in Prince William. I am in love. It’s soft. It’s squishy. It has a funny name. All the important characteristics of a good yarn.

Yes, I cover my couch in blankets everyday, all day because little children have little grubby hands and if they ruined my perfect, beautifully crafted Pottery Barn couch I don’t know if I would have it in me to continue loving them.

Temperatures have dropped considerably this past week and every afternoon around 4:00PM, just before sunset, a heavy fog rolls in and blankets the property. It’s eerie and beautiful all at once and one of the many reasons why I love this time of year.