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Joining Ginny.

I think I may be bending the rules a bit by linking this post to the Yarn Along as I did not make this baby blanket but I just had to share it with everyone. My mother knits a blanket for every grandchild and I think this may be my favorite. It’s the Cellular Baby Blanket by Erika Knight and it’s just so delightfully light and airy; perfect for a late spring baby. Folded in half, it’s thick enough to cover Caleb and keep him warm in his bassinet at night but during the day I just lay it over him in a single layer and I don’t have to worry about him overheating. I’m not sure what yarn she used. I will find out and post it here.

I am still working on my shawl. I’m averaging one row a day. That means I should be done by the time Caleb is ready for his three month appointment. Ha.

The kids are adjusting to the new baby fairly well. Sam is only semi interested in the baby and seems to take his presence in stride. Eddie on the other hand seems to jump between two emotions when it comes to Caleb: the desire to nurture and the desire to destroy her competition. This has resulted in what seems like hourly tantrums. I expected the adjustment would be harder on Eddie but her behavior plus my exhaustion is making it very difficult for me not to constantly loose my temper with her. During her meltdowns I find myself snapping at her which only makes her cries louder and my frustrations greater. It’s going to take some work on both our parts but hopefully this passes sooner rather than later.