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I made my first pom pom. Everyone kept telling me how easy it is to make a pom pom…and they were right. However, nobody told me what a total pain attaching a pom pom can be! I looked at a few tutorials and it seemed simple enough, but it kept flopping to the side and whenever I tightened my stitch bits of yarn would be pulled out. I don’t know what I was doing wrong but I believe I figured it out. I don’t think you can see the “bald” side of the pom pom on the hat and it seems to be sewn in pretty well. Only time will tell.

I do love the colors in this hat. It matches my Wellington shawl and I can’t wait to wear them together. I couldn’t decide which color to make my pom pom and I was debating using all three colors but Tania from Hedgerow Harvest suggested that I use just the accent colors and I’m really happy with the result.

I can’t believe I just wrote two paragraphs about a single pom pom.

In other news…spring has sprung! I swear, I looked out my window the other day and there they were: blossoms. Everywhere! My forsythia went from dormant to full bloom in what seems like a mere forty eight hours and my ancient thirty foot plus plum tree is covered in tiny white blossoms. I can see them both from my kitchen window and I love looking at them while I cook.

I started my second My Cup of Tea Sock. I need to get this sock over and done with. I am so done with projects that require size 1 needles (at least for now). Plus I am anxious to start a baby knit. Maybe I’ll knit a swatch this weekend.

I can’t believe we are almost one full week into March. Before you know it, the month will be over, April will be here, and I will only have one month left before little Baby Wander arrives. I don’t know how I am going to get everything done.

It’s supposed to rain all weekend. Gabe and I are going to take the kids to the local nursery and hopefully pick out a few trees that we will be planting in our new orchard over the next few weeks. I am so excited.

Happy Friday, everyone!