Version 2

*Joining Ginny and Nicole

I suppose one could argue that I’m spoiling the surprise by posting my hat during the blocking process but I have yet to add the pom pom so technically I’m not showing you the finished item, per say. Just 99% of the finished item. I posed this question on Instagram yesterday but I didn’t receive an answer: are you supposed to add the pom pom before or after blocking? I’m a pom pom novice I’m afraid.

I decided to block it on a towel at home instead of driving to my parents’ house and using my mother’s blocking board. I have to say, a blocking board is way easier than a towel, even for a simple hat. But it was raining sideways that afternoon and I didn’t feel like getting in my car and driving. Plus, I’ve been experiencing a lovely case of sciatica on my right side and I spent eights hours laying on my couch with a heating pad. Ouch. This is a first for me. I’ve heard of pregnant women experiencing sciatica but having never had it myself, I had no idea how painful it could be! I am truly looking forward to this pregnancy being over. Just 11 more weeks to go!