Joining Ginny.

Yesterday was a hard day. I wouldn’t call it a bad day, because there were some good moments, like enjoying a cup of tea during the kids’ nap time and entering and exiting Costco within 25 minutes without my children screaming or throwing samples at people. But it was hard. I woke up an hour late and barely had time to shower and shove food down my childrens’ throats before rushing out the door to make it to Sam’s gymnastics class on time. I didn’t have time to start a fire before we left, so the house was freezing by the time we returned home. The kids were tired today because they shared a room last night for the first night: they spent two hours laughing and playing instead of sleeping and it showed today. After returning home, they had meltdowns and I had to carry two screaming kids up to their respective rooms (not an easy task when you’re 20 weeks pregnant) and practically throw them in their beds. They each took a three hour nap so that sort of made up for the tantrums.

Sort of.

Like I said, it wasn’t a bad day. But it was a hard day. My patience was tested and I found myself walking out of the room a few times to just separate myself from everyone and have a moment of peace and to breath deeply. I was angry and frustrated and just…tired. Maybe it’s the pregnancy. Maybe it’s because I’m not sleeping well because I keep waking up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. I carry my babies low on my bladder. Lucky me.

The nighttime routine wasn’t so stressful. The kids ate their dinner without much protest and then it was shower time, followed by a few shows. Gabe came home from work around 6:00pm and he cleaned the kitchen while I put the kids in the shower. At bedtime he read them a story and put them in their beds. It was nice having someone there to help, even for a little bit.

Not a bad day. But I’m glad it’s over.

Oh yes, my knitting. The purpose of my Wednesday posts. I was planning on showing off the mystery gift that I’ve been featuring on Instagram this past week but I blocked it at my parents’ place and have yet to pick it up. So maybe next week. Do good intentions excuse me from finishing a Christmas gift three weeks after Christmas? I hope so. I’m sort of in-between projects right now…working on little things here and there. I’m trying to finish the I-cord for Sam’s mittens tonight. At least I can cross that off my list. As you can see, my drawer of green tones is overflowing, so whatever I decide to knit next, it should probably be green.

I wanted to rearrange the kids play room before this baby arrives and I think I did a good job. We had a daybed built for the far right side of the room and after six months of staring at an exposed mattress, I finally managed to pick up some flannel sheets at Target a few days ago. I want to purchase a handmade quilt from Etsy because I think it will add a nice bit of color and give it a more farmhouse-y look. The stackable shelving is from Land of Nod and the adorable bee rug was purchased online from a discount designer site. I think after I add a few pictures to the wall and a throw pillow or two it will be perfect. One room down, five more to go.

What are you working on this week, my friends? Any projects on the books, knitting or otherwise?