Version 2


Today I was able to upload two photos instead of one. Yay!

We are expecting a big rainstorm with winds up to 45mph to hit sometime tonight so I am writing my Friday blog post on a Thursday afternoon while the kids nap, just in case I loose internet between now and then. (I moved Eddie’s nap time back an hour so now she and Sam sleep at the same time. It’s been glorious. I get so much knitting many chores done!)

I am ready for the storm to give us it’s best shot. The firewood is stacked under the porch, the generator is full and my yarn stash is overflowing. Bring it on, Mother Nature.

We are planning on purchasing a full cow from our neighbor in January and so I am working to clear our freezer out between now and then. A full cow feeds our family for about a year and our neighbor always gives us an amazing deal because he hays our fields during the summer and uses that hay to feed his herd all winter. We’re grateful for the cow and he’s grateful for the hay. Win-win. It’s one of the things l love about living outside the city. People are always doing favors for one another and making barters and trades that allow everyone to benefit and make improvements in their lives that wouldn’t always be possible based solely on personal income.

Anyway, long story short, we are getting a cow and I’m clearing out the deep freezer, which means we are eating a lot of the produce that I froze over the summer. Last night we had plum cobbler. I used up one bag of frozen plum pie filling. I have 11 more in the freezer. I’m not even going to bother counting my frozen apple pie mix. I’m scared.

We are going to be eating a lot of pies over the next few months.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.