This past week has been a whirlwind to say the least. Last Wednesday was Yom Kippur (Jewish day of atonment), so we drove two hours away to attend services. A few days later, Sam had his first day of preschool. I love our co-op. The moms are great, and it’s a fun group of kids. I think Sam is going to make some good friends and have a wonderful time. Most of the kids have younger siblings around Eddie’s age, so I feel like we already have the next generation co-op in the making!

I think the best thing about joining this homeschooling group is being able to see that homeschooling isn’t that scary. I’ve been planning on homeschooling since I was pregnant with my first, but reading and talking about it are certainly very different from actually doing it. Granted it’s only preschool, but it’s a great way to get my feet wet and see what homeschooling is all about from a firsthand experience. I’m hopeful.

Yesterday we picked our first batch of corn. We may have jumped the gun a bit, as many of them seemed a little less than ripe, but it was a beautiful day and picking and husking corn just seemed like a fun thing to do. Sam insisted on “measuring” every corn that he husked. He can’t count or read numbers, which made the whole situation even funnier but he seemed to get a kick out of it.