*Joining Ginny

I am still reading the Well Trained Mind. I am enjoying it, but I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the information. I wish I had purchased a copy so that I could highlight important sections, which seems to occur practically every other page. I doubt the library will appreciate me returning the book covered in pink highlighter ink.

Yesterday I received my Biggo Yarn from Knit Picks and knit up a swatch for my Inland sweater. The yarn is very soft and plush. I’ve never knit with a nylon/merino wool blend and I’m curious as to whether or not the nylon will lesson the chance of pilling as I suspect it will.

Now that I have my gauge worked out, I will try to cast on today. I haven’t knit a sweater for myself in over five years. I tend to shy away from big projects if I am knitting for myself. It feel too, I don’t know, indulgent. I think of the cost of the yarn and all the hours spent making something from which only I would benefit and it just seems selfish. But that’s silly. I should be able to enjoy a hand knit sweater just like the rest of my family enjoys their hand knit items. Right? Of course, right. (Name that movie.)