Tuesday morning Gabe arrived home after finishing a night shift at the hospital. Usually he sleeps as soon as he gets home, but there were no emergencies that night, and he slept his entire shift. Motivated by a night of good rest, he decided to tackle the mess in the barn. Gabe has been working a lot these past few months and we have acquired quite a bit of farm equipment in that time. Because of that, the barn has become an absolute disaster. I took photos of the inside after Gabe had been cleaning for at least an hour, so the photos don’t really do the mess justice. It looks much better now, and we have a lot more room to move around.
It was a (very) cold morning, but Sam refused to miss an opportunity to ride his “Little Mow.” He’s so funny.
While the barn’s interior has improved, the inside of our house has slowly fallen apart. Despite doing my best to tidy up every night, the house is a complete disaster before lunch. Being stuck inside due to ten solid days of rain hasn’t helped my situation one bit. Toys are strewn about, laundry is piled high on the table or the bed waiting to be folded, and I find puddles of water, orange juice and formula everywhere. For the record, I never find the puddles visually; they are always discovered as I walk through them. Ugh.
I often feel like I’m barely holding on, and just struggling to keep the house manageable and semi-decent but I never seem to get ahead of the housework. I’m perpetually running in Neutral, and sometimes in Reverse, but never in Drive. I’m told things improve as your kids age, but considering Gabe wants three more children in the next four years, I don’t see my house becoming even remotely Pottery Barn-esque within the next, oh, say ten years? This won’t stop me from trying, A girl can dream.
The nights have dipped into the twenties, which makes for some beautifully frosty mornings. I love the morning light shining through the apple trees, and the satisfying crunch the grass makes under our feet. It feels good. I am so looking forward to more cold mornings and the upcoming holidays.  This is truly the best time of year.