Gabe and his brother James built a sheep shed a few weeks ago. The sheep have done just fine without a shed up to this point but the nights have become much cooler and the rain has started, so they were in desperate need of additional shelter. I am hoping they will also use the shed when it’s time for them to give birth. As of right now, we only have one ram and two ewes. The shed, while a decent size, won’t accommodate much more than that. This particular breed often births twins, and I am looking forward to seeing little baby lambs wandering around the property come Spring.

The old farm equipment leaning against the shed did not come from our property. Gabe found it on Craigslist and bought it for the sole purpose of leaning it against the shed. He says it’s farm art. He’s funny like that.

Ha. I just noticed that it’s completely obvious that the photo of the completed shed wasn’t taken until a few weeks after they built it. The grass is brown while they’re building it and the photo of the completed shed shows green grass. Funny.