Because our farm is located on a Peninsula, there are two different ways to get there: you can drive North until you reach Seattle and then take a 30 minute ferry ride (the ferry holds something like 300 cars onboard, how cool is that?) across the Puget Sound, or you can drive West across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and then drive North up the Peninsula itself. Usually we take the bridge route but we had some errands to run in Seattle, so we took the ferry instead.

I love that ferry. The view of the Seattle skyline never gets old.

They also sell wine and beer. So there’s that.

We arrived at the Seattle Ferry terminal 40 minutes before the next ferry, so we decided to let Sam out of his car seat and stretch his legs for a bit. He had a great time running wild and Gabe had an even better time chasing after him.

I wish I had taken photos while we were on the ferry as opposed to photos of us waiting for the ferry, but it was too difficult to take pictures and ensure Sam didn’t fall off the side of the boat all at the same time, so the camera was put away too soon.

I like the sign in the last picture. I need one in my bedroom.