This weekend was lazy. It was rainy, dark and cloudy, which gave us the perfect excuse to stay in and lounge around in sweats all day. Sam was the lucky recipient of a brand new set of foam letters and numbers. They are meant for the tub; sticking to flat surfaces when wet, but Sam seemed to enjoy them just as much out of the water as he does in the water. They are now covered in tiny little bite marks. Babies are similar to puppies in that way. It’s so cute.

We also decided to try out our new dehydrator. After slicing, peeling and coring the apples, we stuck them on the trays and then turned they dehydrator on. Easy peasy. Very little work involved. Gabe likes to eat them like chips; popping one in his mouth every time he walks through the kitchen. I don’t really care for them myself, but as long as I don’t have to can them, then I’m all for dehydrating. 
We are going to be spending the next few days at the farm, hopefully meeting with builders to discuss the renovations to the farmhouse. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures now that Fall is in full swing and the leaves are changing. I can hardly wait till the farmhouse is done and we can finally call the farmhouse home. Here’s hoping we find a builder this week ready to make it happen!