We arrived home from our Hawaii vacation this weekend, and it was obvious that the sunny days Washington has been experiencing of late has done our garden good. The microgreens and spinach had sprouted and our pear tree is in full bloom. It’s a multi pear, so each branch has different blossoms. The pink blossoms are my favorite…because I’m such a girl. 
While feeding Sam lunch yesterday, I noticed (for the first time) that he is starting to show a preference for certain foods. I scattered turkey meat and strawberries on his tray, and after tasting the first strawberry he began carefully picking each strawberry piece off his tray, bypassing the turkey meat. Only when he had finished his strawberries did he begin eating the turkey. I don’t know why I found it so fascinating; maybe because it was the first time I’ve ever seen him establish a clear understanding of the difference between two items…it’s not rocket science, I know, but as his mother, I feel like this makes him the next Albert Einstein. I’ve become THAT parent.