The past two weeks have been awful, health-wise. Valentine’s day started out wonderfully: my husband spent the day at the farm, while Baby and I spent the day playing inside (it was raining).
The Man came home early and surprised me with a luxurious fuzzy red robe by Natori. (Isn’t it a perfect red color?!) I presented him with new work gloves. All was well. Or so we thought…
What started out as any other day turned into the worst 24 stomach virus that either one of us had ever experienced. This was immediately followed by a week long head and chest cold caught by yours truly. Yesterday, Baby developed a serious case of the sniffles. It’s like we can’t win, man.
So anyway, photos are sparse, but I spent this self-imposed quarantine playing with Instagram and trying to learn Photoshop. It’s not easy. It’s downright confusing. I’m going to have to take a class or something. I’ve been pinning online tutorials like crazy onto Pinterest. I just need to find time to actually read them.
I also bought this gorgeous purple polish by Essie. It makes me think of Spring.
Here’s wishing everyone a healthy and disease-free week!