if an apple tree falls in the woods…





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Joining Ginny and Nicole

Okay, so technically the tree didn’t fall down in the woods. It fell down in our backyard. And oddly enough, we didn’t hear a thing; the wind was blowing so hard the house was shaking, and it had been raining for five days straight, which had softened the ground considerably. Early that afternoon, Gabe noticed the tree leaning a little to the side and said “Huh, I hope that doesn’t become a problem.” An hour later, we happened to walk by the same window and the tree was completely down. It must have been a slow and gradual fall for it to happen that quietly. Neither Gabe or I were all that surprised. The tree had to have been approaching 100 years old and it hadn’t been pruned or cared for in at least 60 years. It was covered in disease and hadn’t produced a single apple in two seasons. It’s more useful as firewood. It clears a nice spot in the yard for a play structure and allows more sun to hit the exact spot where we plan on planting a row of raspberries or blueberries. All in all, I’m glad it happened…although I must confess, I’m not the one who will spend an entire weekend cutting the tree into rounds, splitting it for firewood, chipping it for apple wood chips (for future use in our smoker!), or hauling the wood to the east side of the barn.

Poor Gabe.

I finished my first Wander Baby #3 knit. A little striped hat. Isn’t it precious? I used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and it…is…so…soft. I know it’s girly. If we end up having a boy I won’t make him wear it. I’ll just have to save it for the next baby! Tonight I’m knitting up a swatch for Milo, a sweater vest recommended by Tania. I happened to have the recommended yarn in my stash (Jo Sharp Silk Tweed) in a lovely celery green color. It will be my “boy” knit.

Baby is kicking and moving like there is no tomorrow. I know that will slowly subside as he/she runs out of room. I’m sort of looking forward to that point. Little One wakes me up with summersaults and karate punches to the ribs and I have to resist the urge to give my stomach a sharp finger poke back in retaliation. Only nine more weeks to go.

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s projects for this week’s Yarn Along. Happy Wednesday everyone!


stripes and a new deck






Joining Ginny and Nicole.

A few weeks ago quite a few of you recommended some lovely gender neutral baby knits. I added them to my queue but I haven’t chosen one yet. I did rifle through my stash yesterday and pull out some leftover baby yarn. A skein here, three quarters of a skein there. I decided that while I am still planning on knitting a gender neutral sweater, I do want to knit a few small girl items and small boy items; items that won’t take up too much time so that I won’t feel as though I’m wasting my time knitting something that won’t be worn, at least for this baby. I cast on for the Get Knotted Stripey Hat from the third book in the Sublime baby knit collection. The pattern is written so that the hat is knit flat and then sewn up the back but I detest seams so I am knitting it in the round. I am enjoying knitting something so delicate, small and just delightfully feminine. I am a girly girl. I like pink. So sue me. The yarn is Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino and it…is…heavenly. 

Isn’t the look on Sam’s face priceless? He had just woken up from his nap and discovered the newly installed deck on his playhouse. The playhouse (an old woodshed that Gabe converted into a playhouse this past fall) is located in a shady area underneath some old overgrown apple trees. During the summer they provide much needed shade but during the spring this prevents the ground from drying out and it creates a mossy, soft, muddy mess. The poor kids kept slipping in mud every time they tried to run in and out of the house. A few weeks ago, Gabe was mentioning this to a carpenter that we had hired to fix some things around the house and he looked at Gabe and said “I can throw one together real quick with just the leftover materials you have in the barn…if you want.”

We wanted.

Three weeks later, Sam and Eddie have their deck. We are looking for two small chairs that the kids can sit in while relaxing on their very own porch. We need to reseed around the deck so hopefully one of us gets around to doing that soon. After it warms up, I plan on adding a potted plant or two. I think they’ll love it.

Happy Wednesday, friends.

back home in all our glory



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Version 2


















Texas was fun. It was a quick trip and we wished we could have stayed longer. The kids did pretty well on the flight over. They were preoccupied with our iPads (something they never get to play with otherwise) and all the terrible treats I had stored away in my bag…potato chips and swedish fish, anyone?

The majority of the photos were taken on our first morning in Houston. Gabe, his father, and his grandfather walked the kids around the horse pasture and let them climb over the farm equipment. Sam loved the tractor but Eddie was more interested in the garden hose attachment that she found underneath the tractor. Afterwards, Gary, Gabe’s father, took the kids for a ride on the riding lawnmower while the rest of us watched. The older gentlemen with the dog is Gabe’s grandfather, Howard. He is a WWII vet and such a sweet man. He and Sam really hit it off with one another and spent a lot of time together during our visit.

The farm has a man made pond stocked with fish and Sam, Gary and Gabe spent the rest of the morning trying to catch a fish, with no luck. That afternoon, we were visited by six step-sisters and one half-sister, plus husbands, significant others, and children. It was loud, chaotic and so much fun.

By the time we boarded our return flight for Washington a few days later, I think the kids were beyond exhausted. Sam was okay on the flight back. He was a little fussy but nothing we couldn’t handle. Eddie, on the other hand, acted like the devil incarnate. It was horrible. Non-stop temper tantrums, for four hours. The flight attendants were offering to hold her and when that didn’t work, they brought me a free vodka soda, which I thought was both funny (because obviously it wasn’t my imagination that Eddie was being a complete hellion) and sad (because I’m seven months pregnant and couldn’t drink it.) She spent the last two hours of the flight crying and whining in Gabe’s lap and after the plane landed, Gabe turned to me and said, “We are never, ever flying with children again.” There was an explicative or two in his statement that I am choosing to omit but I’m sure you can use your imagination and fill in the blanks.

We arrived home at 10:00pm than night and fell into bed. 36 hours later both kids had developed a high fever and runny noses and so we skipped all of our extra curricular activities and stayed home for the remainder of the week. While I felt badly for the children, it was nice to have an excuse to stay at the house and finish the unpacking and laundry.

Knitting was nonexistent this week. I didn’t knit a single stitch during our trip or for the next three days after we returned home. I am totally okay with that. After our trip I needed something mind numbing. While the kids were sniffling and napping on my lap, I spent my time curled on the couch with them reading a trashy romance novel.  (gasp!) 

I apologize for nothing.

I spent most of today finishing my hat and catching up on all my usual blogs. Its been fun. Like Netflix binging, but better. Looking forward to seeing what everyone’s been up to. I’ve missed you all!

Side note: thank you to everyone who offered suggestions for gender-neutral baby knits. My Ravelry queue doth over floweth. I can’t wait to cast on my first baby knit.