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This past week or so I decided I needed to make more of an effort to devote time to myself; this includes self-maintainance such as working out or getting my nails done, or carving time out of each day for one of my hobbies, like knitting, gardening, reading, photography, blogging, etc..
Just writing that sentence makes it seem all too obvious that I have too many hobbies.
Anyway, I managed to cut my nails this week. (Not paint them. Not file them. Cut them.) But that was about it. Oh, and I actually did attend a four hour photography class, but I’ve had that planned since October so I’m not sure if that really counts.
The class was great; it covered the basics, which was was incredibly helpful. I walked out knowing exponentially more than I did before (as in, I know what ISO means) and I’m excited to take another class. Hopefully my newfound photography knowledge will develop into actual photography skills that I can share on this blog.
Half of these photos were taken before the class and half were taken after the class. I can totally tell the difference.
Alas, I’ve only managed to buy myself about 20 minutes of practice time in the last two days. Ellie has developed an awful case of eczema and she’s just miserable. I’ve been applying lotion and cortisone cream to her little body like crazy but it just seems to be getting worse. I’m going to try to get her in to see the doctor tomorrow. I hope they can do something to at least ease her discomfort.
In addition to Ellie’s fussiness, Sam has skipped his naps for the last three days, and Gabe is recovering from hernia surgery, so he can’t lift…or really even walk upright. Basically, I picked a bad time to focus on me.
Because we haven’t set up our office, my layout plans for our new raised beds, as well as my current knitting projects have spilled out into the dining room where they have taken up residence for the past week. Before every meal, we shove aside my laptop, camera, grid paper, gardening books and ¬†random double point needles to one side of the table so we can eat on the other side. It’s becoming tiresome but I have nowhere else to go. Gabe says the office will be our next “house project.” I can’t wait.


Weekend Haze

Weekend Haze

This weekend was an absolute whirlwind. I don’t think I sat down once. Not even to sleep.

It was worth it though. I picked up a few packet of seeds for my first garden on the farm. I can hardly wait to plant. Usually, planting season starts around mid-March for me, but our water is constantly being shut off during the remodel, so I probably won’t be able to plant until April. I’m especially looking forward to planting sunflowers. I picked a deep red sunflower, which I think will look gorgeous as a backdrop to our new yellow farmhouse.

 I don’t know if it’s the weather, the pregnancy hormones or the fact that my thirty-first birthday (gulp) is coming up, but my skin has been looking so dry, scaly, and dare I say it, wrinkly this past month or so.  I made a body butter for the first time out of cocoa butter, almond oil and coconut oil. It feels soooo good against my skin. Jillee used shea butter in her recipe, but I didn’t have any on hand. I don’t think it really makes a difference though.

I’ve been trying to be good and keep my Ravelry project posts updated and include more pictures. I actually made these socks for Sam a few months ago but didn’t take any photos of them until this weekend. If I’m going to be honest, it was mostly because it’s so difficult to have him model anything I knit him that I kept putting it off. This was the best angle I could get, and my mother is holding him down and tickling him. Whatever works, right? I call them his Hunter socks. He looks like a little woodsman in them. It’s adorable. I want to eat his chunky toes and bite his chunky ankles. The end.

Rosemary Hair Rinse, Lavender and Pears

Rosemary Hair Rinse, Lavender and Pears

This weekend was spent tidying up around our home in DuPont and doing some much needed yard work. With all the time we spend on the farm, our current home’s needs tend to be pushed aside and it was starting to show. Clover was taking over the yard, lavender needed to be harvested and my small, single raised bed needed to be put to rest for the winter. Gabe mowed and then cleaned and vacuumed out both our cars (Did I mention how amazing it is to have him home? My car hasn’t looked that nice since he left). I weeded and pulled my last tomato plant. As you can see, my rosemary and chives are out of control. I pruned a small portion of the chives and almost half of the rosemary.

Besides cooking, I didn’t know any other way one could use rosemary. After searching online, I came across this blog, Slow Living Essentials and found this lovely recipie for a rosemary hair rinse. Apparently, rosemary water adds shine and improves the overall health of your hair. I’ve been making my own shampoo for the last four months and rinsing with a solution of apple cider vinegar and water. I haven’t had any issues with my ACV rinse, but I thought it would be fun to try something different. After soaking the sprigs of rosemary in boiling water overnight, I poured it into my rinse bottle, adding just a touch of ACV as recommended. I can’t wait to try it.

Oh yes, the pears. Our friends, who also bought a farm in Eastern Washington, not long before we did, brought over a huge box full of gorgeous green pears. I am excited to can them this week. (Did I really just say that? Two weeks ago I would rather have killed myself than can another apple. Pears must be different. Yeah. Right. )

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