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I haven’t blogged in a week, not for lack of things to say, but mostly because I have lacked the time. Sam is going to start preschool soon and I have been chatting with other moms in the area who are also interested in homeschooling and possibly starting a co-op. We will have our first meeting next week to see if there are enough people interested and if we have enough resources (time,volunteers,space, etc.). I’m very nervous and excited.

I did my last round of canning for the year. Dilly beans. I’ve never made them or tried them for that matter but the recipe looked good and I had three pounds of green beans sitting in my fridge so that was a good enough reason for me. The rest of the beans will go in the freezer. I have to say, I’m relieved. I’m so tired of canning. It sounds ungrateful to say that. People are starving in other parts of the world and here I am lamenting that I have so much food that I don’t know what to do with it. I believe this is what my 25 year old sister would call a “first world problem.” Whatever kind if problem it may be, I’m done with it, and I’m glad. Less canning, more knitting!

I am still working on my Inland sweater but as the weather has cooled over the past week or so, Eddie has finally been able to wear her Into The Woods poncho that I knit for her last spring. It’s perfect for an active toddler. The yarn is Madeline Tosh Sport and the pattern is here.

Thanksgiving And More

Thanksgiving And More

So much has happened these past four weeks since I last wrote. Gabe and I took our first vacation away from the kids. We traveled to Midland, Texas and participated in the Show of Support Hunt For Heros. Gabe and the husbands (all wounded veterans) went on a two day deer hunt, while the spouses stayed behind and were treated to an absolutely wonderful weekend full of friendship, shopping, and some much needed “me-time.” It was incredible. The kids missed us (almost as much as I missed them) and we were happy to come home when it was time.

Mom broke her leg quite badly two days before we left which has put a slight damper on our holiday festivities. We typically split the holidays (she hosts Thanksgiving and I host Chanukah) but because she can’t put any weight on her leg (for six months!), most of the holiday planning has been left to me. I don’t mind it at all; things might be bit more low-key than they usually are, but we are still having a good time and eating good food, and isn’t that what really matters?

Dad cooked a leg of lamb in addition to the usual turkey. My sister Rebekah (who cannot cook to save her life) helped me with the rest of the dishes. It was far from the usual Thanksgiving but the food was good and we had a great time nonetheless

It snowed the day after Thanksgiving and I couldn’t resist bundling Sam up during Ellie’s morning nap and taking a walk outside. He had fun making footprints in the snow and I walked behind him, enjoying the scenery and the all-around quiet. I love how snow muffles most sounds and just makes everything outdoors seem so calm and peaceful.

I haven’t had much time to knit these past few weeks, but I have been crafting for Chanukah like it’s my job. Even though he was born Jewish, Gabe didn’t celebrate any Jewish holidays growing up, and I want him to have the same experiences I did as a kid; Chanukah decorations, familiar smells coming from the kitchen, Chanukah songs playing  in the background; all the things that people love about the holidays in general (or so I would imagine.) I’ll post some pictures of those crafts tomorrow.  Some crafts turned out better than others, but it’s a homey, holiday-y (that’s a word) feeling all the same.

Tuesday Morning

Tuesday Morning

Tuesday morning Gabe arrived home after finishing a night shift at the hospital. Usually he sleeps as soon as he gets home, but there were no emergencies that night, and he slept his entire shift. Motivated by a night of good rest, he decided to tackle the mess in the barn. Gabe has been working a lot these past few months and we have acquired quite a bit of farm equipment in that time. Because of that, the barn has become an absolute disaster. I took photos of the inside after Gabe had been cleaning for at least an hour, so the photos don’t really do the mess justice. It looks much better now, and we have a lot more room to move around.
It was a (very) cold morning, but Sam refused to miss an opportunity to ride his “Little Mow.” He’s so funny.
While the barn’s interior has improved, the inside of our house has slowly fallen apart. Despite doing my best to tidy up every night, the house is a complete disaster before lunch. Being stuck inside due to ten solid days of rain hasn’t helped my situation one bit. Toys are strewn about, laundry is piled high on the table or the bed waiting to be folded, and I find puddles of water, orange juice and formula everywhere. For the record, I never find the puddles visually; they are always discovered as I walk through them. Ugh.
I often feel like I’m barely holding on, and just struggling to keep the house manageable and semi-decent but I never seem to get ahead of the housework. I’m perpetually running in Neutral, and sometimes in Reverse, but never in Drive. I’m told things improve as your kids age, but considering Gabe wants three more children in the next four years, I don’t see my house becoming even remotely Pottery Barn-esque within the next, oh, say ten years? This won’t stop me from trying, A girl can dream.
The nights have dipped into the twenties, which makes for some beautifully frosty mornings. I love the morning light shining through the apple trees, and the satisfying crunch the grass makes under our feet. It feels good. I am so looking forward to more cold mornings and the upcoming holidays.  This is truly the best time of year.

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