Wednesday Knit Along #1 (And Other Things)

Wednesday Knit Along #1 (And Other Things)

I finally finished Sam’s Abate sweater yesterday. We took it for a test run on my parent’s farm this morning. I knit the 4 year size because I wanted him to be able to wear it for more than one season and that seemed to work out perfectly. (I know the photos are a bit fuzzy, but you try convincing a 14 month old to hold still for more than .5 seconds. It’s impossible.) I used a yarn I’d never heard of before, Plymouth Yarn Coffee Beenz. It’s a wool blend so it’s not scratchy and is machine washable.

I’m quite proud of it. It’s adorable.

So is the kid.

My first batch of harvested lavender is drying in the dining area; it gives off the faintest scent of lavender when I walk past it. I look forward to harvesting more.

Gabe and I canned the pears given to us by family friends. I used the same book as before, Canning for a New Generation: Bold, Fresh Flavors for the Modern Pantry by Liana Krissoff. We made spiced pears in red wine and a pear and ginger preserve. What does one do with a preserve? I have no idea. It tastes amazing eaten straight out of the jar with a baby spoon accompanied by a glass of cheap red wine…so I’ve heard.

While discussing our future plans for the farm, Gabe and I decided that we would try our hand in raising bees. It doesn’t seem terribly complicated and Gabe puts honey on everything. Since I switched our family over to the Paleo diet, we’ve been going through lots of bottles of honey; most food items are sweetened with honey as opposed to refined sugar, a big no-no in Paleo. We thought it would not only save us some money, but also be a fun activity for us and our kid(s) when they become older. Gabe checked out a few books on bee keeping at the local library, one of them being shown in the above photo. I can’t comment on the content of the book just yet, as I’ve only skimmed through the first few chapters, however the pictures are lovely. I love the robin’s egg blue color of the hives. I will probably insist Gabe paint our hives the same color. Because one must have colorful bee hives.

Everyone knows that.

Riding The Ferry

Riding The Ferry

Because our farm is located on a Peninsula, there are two different ways to get there: you can drive North until you reach Seattle and then take a 30 minute ferry ride (the ferry holds something like 300 cars onboard, how cool is that?) across the Puget Sound, or you can drive West across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and then drive North up the Peninsula itself. Usually we take the bridge route but we had some errands to run in Seattle, so we took the ferry instead.

I love that ferry. The view of the Seattle skyline never gets old.

They also sell wine and beer. So there’s that.

We arrived at the Seattle Ferry terminal 40 minutes before the next ferry, so we decided to let Sam out of his car seat and stretch his legs for a bit. He had a great time running wild and Gabe had an even better time chasing after him.

I wish I had taken photos while we were on the ferry as opposed to photos of us waiting for the ferry, but it was too difficult to take pictures and ensure Sam didn’t fall off the side of the boat all at the same time, so the camera was put away too soon.

I like the sign in the last picture. I need one in my bedroom.


Rosemary Hair Rinse, Lavender and Pears

Rosemary Hair Rinse, Lavender and Pears

This weekend was spent tidying up around our home in DuPont and doing some much needed yard work. With all the time we spend on the farm, our current home’s needs tend to be pushed aside and it was starting to show. Clover was taking over the yard, lavender needed to be harvested and my small, single raised bed needed to be put to rest for the winter. Gabe mowed and then cleaned and vacuumed out both our cars (Did I mention how amazing it is to have him home? My car hasn’t looked that nice since he left). I weeded and pulled my last tomato plant. As you can see, my rosemary and chives are out of control. I pruned a small portion of the chives and almost half of the rosemary.

Besides cooking, I didn’t know any other way one could use rosemary. After searching online, I came across this blog, Slow Living Essentials and found this lovely recipie for a rosemary hair rinse. Apparently, rosemary water adds shine and improves the overall health of your hair. I’ve been making my own shampoo for the last four months and rinsing with a solution of apple cider vinegar and water. I haven’t had any issues with my ACV rinse, but I thought it would be fun to try something different. After soaking the sprigs of rosemary in boiling water overnight, I poured it into my rinse bottle, adding just a touch of ACV as recommended. I can’t wait to try it.

Oh yes, the pears. Our friends, who also bought a farm in Eastern Washington, not long before we did, brought over a huge box full of gorgeous green pears. I am excited to can them this week. (Did I really just say that? Two weeks ago I would rather have killed myself than can another apple. Pears must be different. Yeah. Right. )

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