A Little Spooky And A Little Country

A Little Spooky And A Little Country

I have been too busy and too tired to blog the past few four or five days. Gabe and I have been running around like crazy, attending home building/remodeling shows, making plans for the holiday season (Halloween! Thanksgiving! Chanukah!), and trying to spend as much time together as a family as we possibly can before Gabe heads back to work.

I’ve missed blogging. It’s becoming one of my favorite hobbies. Because that’s what I need. More hobbies. (I really don’t need anymore hobbies.)

Part of my exhaustion is due largely to the fact that I am almost five weeks pregnant with our second child. We could not be more excited. We can’t decide if we want a boy or a girl (as if our opinions on the topic really matter at this point.) It would be so perfect to have two little boys so close in age. Plus, we already have all the boy clothes and accessories lying around here or stored in the garage.Then again, I would love a sweet little girl to dress in pink ruffles and bows.

There is no pink in our house. None at all. It’s heartbreaking.

Anyway, with my busy schedule and lack of energy, I haven’t done much of anything around the house except create a new Halloween wreath for our front door. I bought some coordinating polkadot fabric at Joanne’s and made some rosettes. Then I wrapped a black ribbon with a spider web print all around it, and finished it off with some fake spiders and some cobwebs. It’s not the best wreath I’ve ever made, but I like it. The look is somewhat spooky and somewhat country. Ideally I would have made a giant spider as a focal point, but like I said, I’m tired.

I think that’s going to be my new excuse for the next none months. “I’m tired.” Nobody challenges a tired pregnant woman. At least not in this house.

Ravelry Photo Updates and The Evils Of Photoshop

Ravelry Photo Updates and The Evils Of Photoshop

I had planned on finishing my Ravelry photo updates this weekend but my husband’s birthday celebrations lasted Friday night (Mariner’s game in Seattle) through Sunday morning (holing up in a nearby resort playing cards, indulging in rich food and sleeping in till 10:00 am). I was only able to photograph two items; my moss stitch cowl neck and a pair of silk and cashmere blend gloves. 
Side note: I will never knit another pair of gloves as long as I live. Apparently one is expected to knit all ten fingers. One at a time. It took forever. I’m sticking to fingerless mitts from now on.
After we picked the baby up from my parents house (part of their birthday gift to Gabe; they kept the baby overnight), we headed home. Sam took a late nap while Gabe unpacked and I ran errands. I decided I would try my hand at photoshopping again, and as you can see from the last photo, I didn’t do too badly. The editing would have taken anyone familiar with photo editing 15 minutes or less, but this took me over two hours and I burned my Paleo breakfast muffins because I was so focused on Spot Remover that I didn’t hear my timer ring. 
I was so disappointed. They were going to be so good! I chopped up different veggies, and even added some fresh spinach and a diced jalapeño for a little kick. Now they have the texture of a rubber bouncy ball. 
Photoshop ruined my breakfast. Enough is enough. As soon as we move to the farmhouse after the renovations are complete I want to enroll in a photoshop class at the community college. And then I can edit out all of my own imperfections from our millions of photographs.
Especially the ones where I’m still holding onto an extra ten pounds of baby weight. Yikes.

Renovations and Inspirations

Renovations and Inspirations

Photo Courtesy of The Lettered Cottage
Photo Courtesy of OneHouseLove
Photo Courtesy of Dougelissa.blogspot.com

Photo Courtesy of Modreno
Photo Courtesy of Theurbanfarmhouse.typepad.com
Photo Courtesy of mjra-architects

We’ve spent quite a bit of time pouring over photos on Houzz and Pinterest (oh, Pinterest, how I love thee) for ideas for the renovation, specifically the kitchen and bathroom. I included our favorites, along with various photos of the kitchen and bathroom in their current state, as those are the two rooms that will require the most renovation.  As promised, I included a photo of the front of the house.

Why yes, that is me you see in the reflection of the bathroom mirror. Hello there.

The bathroom is a point of contention between Gabe and I at the moment; I want a traditional farmhouse bathroom of white tile, wainscotting, and bronze fixtures. While Gabe likes the look of a white bathroom, he doesn’t think it is practical considering this will be the only bathroom in the house and it will be shared by two adults and one (and hopefully more) small children for the next three years. He’s not wrong. White grout could easily prove to be a huge pain to mantain. But I can’t seem to picture a farmhouse with anything but an all-white bathroom.

Unless you count the farmhouses that don’t have any bathrooms and just have an outhouse. I don’t want the farmhouse to be that traditional. This girl doesn’t even camp. Ever.

The kitchen is going to receive a major overhaul. It’s very small with limited counter space. Eventually, after we build our forever home, we would like to use the farmhouse as our “home-base” for canning, dehydrating, etc….basically, any activity that would take over your kitchen for days at a time.

This coming week will be filled with more research and compiling our design ideas that we will present to our builders. It’s exciting and terribly overwhelming all at once.

Any ideas? Thoughts? Advice? Please feel free to share. 

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