sourdough and sweaters

Version 2


Version 2

The kids are on the mend, and I’m so grateful. Over the past 24 hours, I’ve managed to get a few things done around the house: a load of laundry here, a load of dishes there. Life is slowly returning to normal.

I was gifted with a sourdough starter a few weeks ago. While I am a good cook, I have been informed by my own mother by some people that my baking skills are lacking. This last batch was by far my best, so I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. Yesterday for breakfast I ate sourdough toast smeared with a blackberry and poblano pepper jam made by the husband of a dear friend. It was to die for.

I do hope I finish this sweater this weekend. My fingers are itching to cast on something new…a hat…a baby sweater…perhaps a throw? I can’t decide.

Enjoy the weekend, friends.


Version 2

*Joining Ginny

Tuesday started out looking like it was going to be a pretty good day. The kids woke up in great moods and Sam was excited to make new friends at the first pre-school homeschool co-op meeting (My, that’s a long title, isn’t it?) we were attending that morning. The meeting went well, and we finalized days, times, and a bare-bones curriculum. It seems to be a like-minded group of moms who are interested in creating a fun, active and (very) lightly-structured learning environment for their kids, which is exactly what I want at this point. I don’t plan on introducing Latin anytime soon. He’s only three, after all.

After the meeting, everything went downhill. The kids started whining pretty heavily and I had to leave because once the crying started I couldn’t seem to console them. On the car ride home, I developed a pounding headache and knowing I wouldn’t be in the mood to make them lunch, I pullled into a drive through and bought the kids some junky food. Once we got home, I discovered both kids had fevers, and after a few bites of lunch they went down for naps and I ended up eating said junky food and taking a long nap myself. When I woke up my headache was still there and I had two very cranky babies. I couldn’t find any time to knit and to top it all off, my computer starting acting funny and I have a feeling it’s going to pass on to the great beyond any day now. It certainly wasn’t a horrible day; I’ve had much worse. But it definitely did not end the way it began. I’m hoping the kids will feel better in a few days and everything will go back to normal.

I’m not sure I can say the same for my laptop.

After making a few pattern adjustments, I finished the first sleeve of my Inland. I have one more sleeve and two pockets to knit and then I am done. I ordered my buttons but I’m not going to show those off until I am finished with the sweater. It’s going to look so good!

Bear Bones






















The kids took late afternoon naps the other day, and Gabe and I decided to take them for a walk in an attempt to wear them out before dinner and bath time (hint: it didn’t work). We strolled through our woods and then circled back on the easement road that runs through the far West end of our property. The trees provided a lot of cover from the sun and my camera had a hard time picking up enough light to take clear photos. I hate using the flash, so after a while I just gave up. The photos shown were taken in more well lit areas, but some of them are still kind of fuzzy.

Last summer Gabe found a bear cub that had died. Of what, we don’t know, but by the time Gabe found it, the local predators had already done quite a bit of scavenging.  Gabe picked up the skull, cleaned it and hung it in our barn. After that, we sort of forgot about it. This was the first time we went back to the spot where he found the skeleton, and all that was left were a few rib bones and part of the spine. Sam wanted to take it home with him, but there was no way I was going to traipse through the forest with a dead bear cub spine in my jacket pocket, so we convinced him to leave it where it was. Boys.

Speaking of boys, Sam was recently gifted (by us) his very own chainsaw as a potty training reward. He carries it with him everywhere and is always “cutting” something. I typically shy away from toys that make noise or require batteries, but bribery seemed to be the only motivation he had for getting himself out of diapers and we were desperate. I have to admit, he looks adorable using it.

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