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So I finished my first My Cup of Tea sock. Whew. That bad boy took some time. I almost cast on the second sock immediately after finishing the first but my fingers were cramping so badly from knitting on size 1 needles with fingering yarn that I decided I needed a break. I had quite a bit of leftover yarn from my Wellington Worksock Shawl so I chose to knit up a matching hat. I’m doing the Hillier Hearts Cap by the same designer. I think the colors are perfect for spring. I’m planning on adding a Pom Pom.  I’ve never made a Pom Pom before. Apparently they are all the rage now. I see them everywhere: knitted items, baby blankets, bunting for weddings and baby showers. I guess it’s hard not to like Pom poms.

We are flying to Texas this weekend to visit Gabe’s family. He has eight step-sisters. Eight. Step-sisters. More than half of them are married with multiple children. And I bet you thought the holidays with your relatives were crowded. Puts things in perspective doesn’t it? I’m looking forward to the trip. Gabe’s grandfather will be there; he is a WWII vet and has some amazing life stories. We only see him once every two years or so and I want the kids to soak up as much time with their great-grandfather as they possibly can.

I’m planning on taking my knitting with me although I don’t know how much I’ll actually accomplish. Next week’s Yarn Along may be rather uneventful.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

wednesday yarn along (and other things)









*Joining Ginny and Nicole.

(Random piece of information: As I type, there is a fly in my office that is buzzing around my head and it is driving me insane. I just tried to whack it with an old knitting magazine and I almost fell out of my chair because my balance is horrible. Now I’m just giving it the death stare. I’ll get you, you little fly. You’ll see.)

Finally, photos of my Wellington Worksock Shawl! This is my second test knit that I did for the designer, Sam Lamb, and as usual, she did not disappoint. The shawl is a fast knit (even faster if you don’t have two small children, I would imagine), and it’s a perfect project to have on hand for binging on Netflix or knitting on the go while you wait at the doctor’s office, visit friends, etc.. I used Cascade 220 and Cascade 220 Heather. It is the same yarn I used for her Hillier Hearts Cap and I am becoming a big fan of this yarn. It really is a workhorse of a yarn: soft, warm and durable. Perfect for knits that are frequently worn around the homestead during the colder months.

Speaking of the Hillier Hearts Cap, I had my friend Kimber model the hat after she finished modeling the shawl. She is one of the moms in my preschool coop and she is five months pregnant with her fifth child! They are expecting a little girl in June, something that is much deserved after having four little rambunctious boys back to back.

I encourage everyone to check out these designs on Ravelry. You won’t be disappointed. They are so much fun!

wednesday yarn along


*Joining Ginny and Nicole.

My shawl still isn’t dry so I wasn’t able to post photos today! I promise you will see it soon. I am so happy with it.
Plugging away on My Cup of Tea socks (These. Are. Taking. Forever.) My goal is to finish at least one this weekend. I am trying really hard not to start a new project before then…operative word is “trying.”

Also, thank you to those who notified me via Instagram that my comment section of my last post wasn’t working. I did a few tests and it seems to be working just fine now but if for some reason you are still having difficulties, let me know via Instagram, Facebook or shoot me an email and I will notify WordPress. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. It’s amazing how quickly technology will turn on you and stab you in the back, isn’t it?

I can’t wait to see what everyone is knitting this week! I love Yarn Along Wednesdays!

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