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Last week was Eddie’s second birthday. We kept things low key. No decorations. No party. I’m too sleep deprived. I had a local bakery make a bunny cake (she’s really into bunnies lately) and we ate takeout outside on the back deck with just us and my parents. Lately I’ve been feeling like we are slowly being buried alive by toys so I asked my parents to just gift her with one toy and some much needed clothing. Gabe and I gave her a small kaleidoscope. My parents bought her a toy wooden chicken coop complete with felt chickens, chicks, eggs and nests. It’s simple, well made and she loves it. You can find the coop here. My mother did splurge and picked out a few outfits from one of my favorite brands, Boden. It’s a British company that makes adorable children’s clothing. The fabric is thick, high quality cotton and the designs always have amazing attention to detail. Each item is usually lined or embellished with smocking, pleats, ric-rac or other details that you just don’t see anymore, especially in U.S. clothing brands. Plus, they hold up to countless washings and don’t fade, making them perfect for hand me downs. I just adore their stuff. In my mind, all British children wear Boden clothing, Mary Jane shoes, and have impeccable manners and never get dirty.  Dear Tania, my British friend, please tell me this is true? Don’t burst my bubble…

I haven’t picked up my knitting in weeks. There just isn’t time and I’m too tired to trust myself to knit anything without totally messing up and having to fix it. I’d rather just not knit for now. Maybe when I start getting five hours of sleep at night I’ll start knitting again. I do miss it!




Life is moving rather slow these days. Before Caleb was born, I spent my mornings running one or two errands with the kids or taking Sam to his gymnastics class twice a week. If we didn’t have errands to run or a class to attend, then I tried to schedule a play date. I have discovered that while I enjoy quiet mornings at home, my children do not. They like the hustle and bustle of leaving the house, going places and meeting up with friends. They are social butterflies.

Normally, this isn’t a problem but since Caleb’s arrival, I’ve barely left the house, and neither have the kids. I stocked up on food before his birth and have my mom pick up perishables like milk, juice and fresh vegetables and drop them off at the house as needed. My mother has taken Sam to gymnastics but we haven’t had any play dates. It’s been raining all week, so they’ve barely spent any time outdoors. In other words, I think the kids are going a little nuts.

It’s a constant struggle, getting used to the fact that we are a family of five instead of a family of four. Gabe and I are outnumbered. There is no divide (evenly) and conquer. Usually, one person takes the two older littles while the other handles Caleb. Admittedly, I’m still not sure who draws the short straw in that deal. Both groups present their individual set of challenges. Eddie is still hurt since she was usurped as the baby of the family and acts out her frustrations through killer tantrums that Gabe has started filming because he’s positive that “someday we’re going to look back and find this funny.”

Right now, it’s not funny.

Sam is the kid who is handling the transition rather well, but bedtime routine has started taking forever because right as you’re getting ready to give him his good night kiss and walk out of the room, he decides to tell you about every thought, feeling, emotion, idea and observation he’s had since the moment he woke up that morning. In other words, I think he’s craving some attention. As tempting as it is to tell him to be quiet and go to sleep, Gabe and I both try to indulge him and give him a few minutes to verbally unload, so to speak. This might seem like nothing but when you’re bone tired, five minutes feels like an eternity. Gabe is much more patient than I am and will sometimes stay up there for 15 or 20 minutes. I’m grateful that Sam has a parent with infinitely more patience than myself. Right now, excess patience and energy are sparse around here.

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Joining Ginny and Nicole.

I haven’t made much progress on my shawl (and by “much” I mean any progress at all. One row in the last week. That’s it). However, I did take a few photos of the finished Leksak tunic. It was the last project that I managed to finish before Caleb’s birth and I’m so glad that I did. I used an organic cotton-linen blend which makes it a perfect summer sweater. It looks very sweet with dresses but I didn’t have the time or the energy to change Eddie into a dress for her mini photo-op but I think it works well with jeans. The yarn is S. Charles Tigris, which I have had sitting in my stash for about ten years. It’s discontinued as far as I know.

These past two weeks are starting to blur together into one sleep-deprived haze. Caleb sleeps in two hour blocks, with an hour in-between each block reserved for eating, burping, diaper changes and drifting back off to sleep. This is barring any gas bubbles, diaper blow-outs or major spit ups, of course. Then it may take up to two hours to get him back to sleep. Gabe is already back at work so he is only able to help me out with night feedings on nights before his off days. He tries to keep the other two kids occupied as much as possible when he gets home, giving me a chance to nap for 30 minutes to an hour every now and then but it doesn’t always work out that way. Basically, we are both starting to feel the strain (and exhaustion) of being outnumbered by small children. Once Caleb develops more of a set schedule (preferably one that includes a four hour block of sleep somewhere) I know we will be over the hump of the newborn stage and things will start to get easier. In the meantime, I spend most of my time in our room, rocking our new baby and loving his sweet newborn smell and his tiny newborn grunts.

Happy Wednesday, friends.

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