Wednesday Yarn Along #5


*Joining Ginny

I am still reading the Well Trained Mind. I am enjoying it, but I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the information. I wish I had purchased a copy so that I could highlight important sections, which seems to occur practically every other page. I doubt the library will appreciate me returning the book covered in pink highlighter ink.

Yesterday I received my Biggo Yarn from Knit Picks and knit up a swatch for my Inland sweater. The yarn is very soft and plush. I’ve never knit with a nylon/merino wool blend and I’m curious as to whether or not the nylon will lesson the chance of pilling as I suspect it will.

Now that I have my gauge worked out, I will try to cast on today. I haven’t knit a sweater for myself in over five years. I tend to shy away from big projects if I am knitting for myself. It feel too, I don’t know, indulgent. I think of the cost of the yarn and all the hours spent making something from which only I would benefit and it just seems selfish. But that’s silly. I should be able to enjoy a hand knit sweater just like the rest of my family enjoys their hand knit items. Right? Of course, right. (Name that movie.)

Wednesday Yarn Along #4













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*Joining Ginny

I was in the mood for an easy project that didn’t require a lot of thought or concentration. A pair of ribbed socks for Gabe seemed like the perfect project. Plus, it was a small project and it has been too hot to sit comfortably with a pile of wool in my lap. I had planned on sticking to small knits for this very reason until the weather cools off, but once I read about the Summer Sweater Knit Along on the Very Shannon site, I couldn’t resist participating. Aside from the weekly Yarn Along that I occasionally join on Ginny’s site, I have never participated in a Yarn Along that has an actual start and end date. I think this will motivate me to finish the project in a timely manner (6-ish weeks). I find that accountability to others is a great motivator for me. The KAL starts tomorrow, but I only just ordered my yarn, so I don’t even have a swatch knitted or blocked. Not the best way to start my first KAL but hopefully it doesn’t put me too far behind everyone else.

I don’t have a photo of the book itself (because I forgot to take one), but I’m currently reading the third edition of A Well-Trained Mind, which really gives an in-depth look into the Classical Education method. Sam will begin preschool this year and while I don’t think I will use any formal curriculum this year, I have been doing some reading and researching online to try to narrow down which homeschooling path we will follow over the next few (or many) years. Unschooling is too lax for my taste and while I like certain elements of the Waldorf method, I don’t think it’s for us. I’m only a few chapters in, but I am really enjoying it so far; it has an abundance of information and it’s easy to follow. It’s quite thick, my biggest challenge will be finding the time to finish it before its due back at the library.

Wednesday Yarn Along #3



I actually finished these fingerless gloves last Fall, but I lost them during the move, only to discover them in a box in the garage yesterday. I had forgotten how pretty they are, and so I decided to post them. The pattern is here on Ravelry. The yarn is Madeline Tosh Sock Yarn in Ginger.
Boo is modeling the gloves for me. She’s such a natural.

Side Note: WOW, these are out of focus. I should have retaken these photos after my photography class. It would be good practice, and boy, do I need to practice.

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