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This past week or so I decided I needed to make more of an effort to devote time to myself; this includes self-maintainance such as working out or getting my nails done, or carving time out of each day for one of my hobbies, like knitting, gardening, reading, photography, blogging, etc..
Just writing that sentence makes it seem all too obvious that I have too many hobbies.
Anyway, I managed to cut my nails this week. (Not paint them. Not file them. Cut them.) But that was about it. Oh, and I actually did attend a four hour photography class, but I’ve had that planned since October so I’m not sure if that really counts.
The class was great; it covered the basics, which was was incredibly helpful. I walked out knowing exponentially more than I did before (as in, I know what ISO means) and I’m excited to take another class. Hopefully my newfound photography knowledge will develop into actual photography skills that I can share on this blog.
Half of these photos were taken before the class and half were taken after the class. I can totally tell the difference.
Alas, I’ve only managed to buy myself about 20 minutes of practice time in the last two days. Ellie has developed an awful case of eczema and she’s just miserable. I’ve been applying lotion and cortisone cream to her little body like crazy but it just seems to be getting worse. I’m going to try to get her in to see the doctor tomorrow. I hope they can do something to at least ease her discomfort.
In addition to Ellie’s fussiness, Sam has skipped his naps for the last three days, and Gabe is recovering from hernia surgery, so he can’t lift…or really even walk upright. Basically, I picked a bad time to focus on me.
Because we haven’t set up our office, my layout plans for our new raised beds, as well as my current knitting projects have spilled out into the dining room where they have taken up residence for the past week. Before every meal, we shove aside my laptop, camera, grid paper, gardening books and  random double point needles to one side of the table so we can eat on the other side. It’s becoming tiresome but I have nowhere else to go. Gabe says the office will be our next “house project.” I can’t wait.


Its Been A While…

Its Been A While…

The first two photos are from Chanukah this year. Sam was able to participate a little more than last year, which made it exponentially more fun. I have no idea what I am saying or thinking in the second photo but judging by my expression, I am clearly amazed/having a great time. So there you go.

We also had family photos taken in October by the very talented husband-wife duo, Angela and Evan, of Angela and Evan. They are based out of Seattle, incredibly talented and so, so nice. They’ve photographed our wedding, Sam as a newborn, and now our family. I plan on using them many times in the future as our family grows and progresses. If things keep moving down the same path, I’m sure I’ll have one of them photograph my funeral. They’ll know what lighting will make me look my best.

I realize three months is a long time to go without blogging, especially when the whole point of a blog is to keep those who read it updated on the daily going-ons of said blogger’s life. The truth is, I just haven’t really felt like there was much to say. The remodeling was at a stand-still; we were basically just waiting for permits to be approved, builders to clear their schedules, and paint colors and sconces (Seriously. Sconces.) to be chosen. I knew the remodeling would involve minute details, but I don’t think I really knew, if you understand what I’m saying. It starts out fun, but by the end of the interior decorating process I thought I would scream if Gabe showed me one more variation of a barn door hinge. I think he enjoyed the whole decorating thing more than I did. He likes tiny, minute details. He’s OCD. It’s right up his alley.

Besides the remodeling, this pregnancy has proven to be very different from the last one. Instead of a two week period of slight morning sickness, which is what I experienced with Sam, I was sick all the time. Like 24/7. For about 3 months. And I still find myself running for the toilet if, say, the taste of toothpaste lingers too long in my mouth. Yes, that’s right, toothpaste flavor sends me over the edge.

Toothpaste. It’s deadly.

So…a lull in the remodeling, constant morning sickness, extreme exhaustion, and the typical holiday craziness that occurs this time of year have kept me pretty far from the blogging world. I’m going to do my best to change that. I need to blog. It relaxes me. I enjoy it immensley. And its for me.

And whoever reads this. It’s for you too.

Ravelry Photo Updates and The Evils Of Photoshop

Ravelry Photo Updates and The Evils Of Photoshop

I had planned on finishing my Ravelry photo updates this weekend but my husband’s birthday celebrations lasted Friday night (Mariner’s game in Seattle) through Sunday morning (holing up in a nearby resort playing cards, indulging in rich food and sleeping in till 10:00 am). I was only able to photograph two items; my moss stitch cowl neck and a pair of silk and cashmere blend gloves. 
Side note: I will never knit another pair of gloves as long as I live. Apparently one is expected to knit all ten fingers. One at a time. It took forever. I’m sticking to fingerless mitts from now on.
After we picked the baby up from my parents house (part of their birthday gift to Gabe; they kept the baby overnight), we headed home. Sam took a late nap while Gabe unpacked and I ran errands. I decided I would try my hand at photoshopping again, and as you can see from the last photo, I didn’t do too badly. The editing would have taken anyone familiar with photo editing 15 minutes or less, but this took me over two hours and I burned my Paleo breakfast muffins because I was so focused on Spot Remover that I didn’t hear my timer ring. 
I was so disappointed. They were going to be so good! I chopped up different veggies, and even added some fresh spinach and a diced jalapeño for a little kick. Now they have the texture of a rubber bouncy ball. 
Photoshop ruined my breakfast. Enough is enough. As soon as we move to the farmhouse after the renovations are complete I want to enroll in a photoshop class at the community college. And then I can edit out all of my own imperfections from our millions of photographs.
Especially the ones where I’m still holding onto an extra ten pounds of baby weight. Yikes.

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