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Joining Ginny.

I’m not sure if this counts as a Yarn Along worthy post, because technically these projects have been completed for months. (Years, if you count the poncho.) But I have been meaning to take photos of these items for a long time and having my sister in town over Thanksgiving weekend was the perfect opportunity. Hannah was very generous with her time and seemed to genuinely enjoy herself. She didn’t complain once about having to repeat the entire photo shoot, even though it was 31 degrees outside. What a trooper!

I listed each project name below but if you want to know the pattern or yarn used just pop over to my Ravelry page and take a look. I have to say, my favorite knit featured today is my Lodgepole hat. I loved knitting that hat; it was my first time doing color work and I had so much fun. It was also the first time I used Quince and Co. yarn, which has started a very unhealthy love affair between myself and Quince and Co. It’s quite one-sided.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Lodgepole hat by Sara Grespach

Gap-Tactic Cowl by Jen Geigley

Spring Garden Shorties by Cathy Cambell

Easy Folded Poncho by Churchmouse Yarn and Teas

Reading Mitts by Susie Rogers

frosty morning









Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? I’m still full. I’ve been eating non-stop since Thursday afternoon and I think I’ve gained twenty pounds, and no, it is not baby weight.

We’ve had an exceptionally cold week and while it hasn’t snowed, it’s been so frosty and cold every morning that snow doesn’t seem too far off.

My sister Hannah has been visiting us for the holiday weekend and I asked her to help me photograph a pile of knitted items that I’ve been dying to show you all for some time now. I hate modeling my own stuff and much prefer to be the photographer as opposed to the, uh…photographee (that’s a word, right? I’m going to say it is and move on.) Anyway, here is where the story takes a turn for the worse: I have mentioned the problems I’ve been having with my camera/card/computer in the past. But the last week or so everything has been working just fine. After taking  about 100 photos yesterday, I tried to import them onto my computer only to have every single file corrupted during the transfer process. I was so mad. But what could I do? Hannah is coming over again this afternoon and we’re going to retake all the photos. I replaced the card so I can’t imagine it happening again. Fingers crossed. 

just a frosted mushroom


I have mentioned here before the issues I’ve been having with my computer lately. It’s slow and programs crash frequently. It’s a seven year old laptop and I really don’t want to spend the money on a new one, as nice as that would be. To top it all off, a few weeks ago, I noticed that whenever I uploaded photos from my camera card onto the computer, there would be a few photos that the computer couldn’t “read.”

Last week was my first time hosting our preschool coop group, and I took a bunch of photos. Yesterday, we had temperatures in the low 30’s, and I woke up to a frosty wonderland. I rushed outside to photograph the first frost of the year. I planned on including those photos along with photos of my current knitting project. Out of 41 photos, my computer was able to upload one. One.

So here you have it folks: some frosty mushrooms.

Pretty, aren’t they?

I’ll be posting a photo of my mittens on Instagram tomorrow. Hopefully purchasing a new card resolves this issue. It’s hard to blog when your photos are constantly disappearing.

Technology sure is great…until it stops working.

Is anyone else enjoying the colder weather? What’s on your needles?

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