Mason Jars and One Sad Pumpkin

Mason Jars and One Sad Pumpkin

I don’t like containers with product labels to be left out on my counters or in plain sight. I know it’s weird and seems fussy, but I just don’t. I found quite a few examples on Etsy of mason jars with soap dispenser lids and I liked the idea immediately. Rather than purchasing them, I decided to try to make them myself. It didn’t seem that hard, and it actually wasn’t. Gabe found a soap dispenser at Lowes with a pump that fit the style we wanted and we glued it to a mason jar lid after drilling a hole in the middle. Gabe then spray painted the entire thing with a bronze metallic spray paint.

I actually spray painted them first, but the paint was uneven in places and blotchy; Gabe said he couldn’t stare at that on a daily basis, so he redid it for me. Who’s the fussy one now?

Anyway, once we had the lids, I decided to paint directly on the jar as opposed to making labels that would inevitably become wet and smeared. I used a Martha Stewart stencil kit for the letters and I think they came out quite nicely. It’s sort of smudgy in some areas, but I like it.

Halloween has come and gone and the single pumpkin sitting on our buffet is the extent of my Fall decorations this year. I am so ashamed. If Pinterest was a person, it would shun me. I just didn’t have the time or energy. We are still living out of boxes and it just seemed pointless. Besides, all I have to do it look out our window and the presence of Fall is more than apparent. It seemed that the entire world turned orange and red over night. I swear it was summer just last week. What happened? Before I know it, it’ll be time to build our raised beds and begin planting our new orchard.

Speaking of planting, I took that picture of the lopsided, empty tomato cage because it makes me laugh every time I look at it. It seems like an accurate representation of myself, somehow. Lopsided. Crooked. Ready of a winter of hibernation after being run ragged this summer. But still completely useable. I might be going too far with that analogy.

The kids are sleeping (at the same time!) and I am going to sit on our couch for some uninterrupted knitting time while watching Criminal Minds on Netflix. Apparently the show has been around for years but I hadn’t heard of it until a few weeks ago. It’s my latest obsession. And thanks to the wonders of my Apple TV, I can watch ten seasons back to back. Ah, technology. How I love thee.

Ravelry Photo Updates and The Evils Of Photoshop

Ravelry Photo Updates and The Evils Of Photoshop

I had planned on finishing my Ravelry photo updates this weekend but my husband’s birthday celebrations lasted Friday night (Mariner’s game in Seattle) through Sunday morning (holing up in a nearby resort playing cards, indulging in rich food and sleeping in till 10:00 am). I was only able to photograph two items; my moss stitch cowl neck and a pair of silk and cashmere blend gloves. 
Side note: I will never knit another pair of gloves as long as I live. Apparently one is expected to knit all ten fingers. One at a time. It took forever. I’m sticking to fingerless mitts from now on.
After we picked the baby up from my parents house (part of their birthday gift to Gabe; they kept the baby overnight), we headed home. Sam took a late nap while Gabe unpacked and I ran errands. I decided I would try my hand at photoshopping again, and as you can see from the last photo, I didn’t do too badly. The editing would have taken anyone familiar with photo editing 15 minutes or less, but this took me over two hours and I burned my Paleo breakfast muffins because I was so focused on Spot Remover that I didn’t hear my timer ring. 
I was so disappointed. They were going to be so good! I chopped up different veggies, and even added some fresh spinach and a diced jalapeño for a little kick. Now they have the texture of a rubber bouncy ball. 
Photoshop ruined my breakfast. Enough is enough. As soon as we move to the farmhouse after the renovations are complete I want to enroll in a photoshop class at the community college. And then I can edit out all of my own imperfections from our millions of photographs.
Especially the ones where I’m still holding onto an extra ten pounds of baby weight. Yikes.

Wednesday Knit Along #1 (And Other Things)

Wednesday Knit Along #1 (And Other Things)

I finally finished Sam’s Abate sweater yesterday. We took it for a test run on my parent’s farm this morning. I knit the 4 year size because I wanted him to be able to wear it for more than one season and that seemed to work out perfectly. (I know the photos are a bit fuzzy, but you try convincing a 14 month old to hold still for more than .5 seconds. It’s impossible.) I used a yarn I’d never heard of before, Plymouth Yarn Coffee Beenz. It’s a wool blend so it’s not scratchy and is machine washable.

I’m quite proud of it. It’s adorable.

So is the kid.

My first batch of harvested lavender is drying in the dining area; it gives off the faintest scent of lavender when I walk past it. I look forward to harvesting more.

Gabe and I canned the pears given to us by family friends. I used the same book as before, Canning for a New Generation: Bold, Fresh Flavors for the Modern Pantry by Liana Krissoff. We made spiced pears in red wine and a pear and ginger preserve. What does one do with a preserve? I have no idea. It tastes amazing eaten straight out of the jar with a baby spoon accompanied by a glass of cheap red wine…so I’ve heard.

While discussing our future plans for the farm, Gabe and I decided that we would try our hand in raising bees. It doesn’t seem terribly complicated and Gabe puts honey on everything. Since I switched our family over to the Paleo diet, we’ve been going through lots of bottles of honey; most food items are sweetened with honey as opposed to refined sugar, a big no-no in Paleo. We thought it would not only save us some money, but also be a fun activity for us and our kid(s) when they become older. Gabe checked out a few books on bee keeping at the local library, one of them being shown in the above photo. I can’t comment on the content of the book just yet, as I’ve only skimmed through the first few chapters, however the pictures are lovely. I love the robin’s egg blue color of the hives. I will probably insist Gabe paint our hives the same color. Because one must have colorful bee hives.

Everyone knows that.

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