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I haven’t blogged in a week, not for lack of things to say, but mostly because I have lacked the time. Sam is going to start preschool soon and I have been chatting with other moms in the area who are also interested in homeschooling and possibly starting a co-op. We will have our first meeting next week to see if there are enough people interested and if we have enough resources (time,volunteers,space, etc.). I’m very nervous and excited.

I did my last round of canning for the year. Dilly beans. I’ve never made them or tried them for that matter but the recipe looked good and I had three pounds of green beans sitting in my fridge so that was a good enough reason for me. The rest of the beans will go in the freezer. I have to say, I’m relieved. I’m so tired of canning. It sounds ungrateful to say that. People are starving in other parts of the world and here I am lamenting that I have so much food that I don’t know what to do with it. I believe this is what my 25 year old sister would call a “first world problem.” Whatever kind if problem it may be, I’m done with it, and I’m glad. Less canning, more knitting!

I am still working on my Inland sweater but as the weather has cooled over the past week or so, Eddie has finally been able to wear her Into The Woods poncho that I knit for her last spring. It’s perfect for an active toddler. The yarn is Madeline Tosh Sport and the pattern is here.

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I’m about to start the ribbing at the bottom of Inland. I’m trying to decide if I want to omit the last buttonhole and make it shorter, or continue on and knit until it’s the pattern’s recommended length. After that, I’ll just have the sleeves and the pockets left to knit. The KAL ends on the 9th, so I might just make it after all, despite my not-so-minor setback.

Oh, the buttons. I almost forgot about the buttons. I haven’t purchased any yet. I’m no sure what I want. Wood? Horn? Round? Square? They need to be rather large and there will be eight (or nine) of them. I will have to start looking online. Does anyone have a recommendation for an online store that sells pretty buttons?

It was windy and cool all day yesterday. I wore a sweater. Granted, it’s a thin cotton sweater, and I paired it with sandals, but still, it was the first sweater I’ve worn in months, and that is quite the phenomenon in Washington state. Fall is coming. Windy nights, chilly days. Burning wood stoves and hot cups of tea. I can’t wait. 

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There has been a bit of radio silence on my part the last few days. On Thursday I came down with a horrible stomach virus (perhaps the same one the kids had two weekends ago?) and I’ve only recently begun to feel like an actual human being.

On Sunday (since I was finally able to pick myself up off the bathroom floor) Gabe and I took the kids to a park on the Hood Canal. It was overcast because of the fires in Eastern Washington but the view was still incredible and the breeze felt amazing. The kids enjoyed themselves, but I wish I had thought ahead and brought a spare change of clothes for them. I didn’t expect for the water to be so warm and they were itching to splash around. Normally I would have let them wade in and play in their clothes, but we were heading to dinner shortly afterwards and two small children sitting naked and shivering in a restaurant just wasn’t an option for us, go figure.

The photo of Sam holding onto a shell is one of my favorites. He claimed he could hear the ocean from inside the shell.

I haven’t done much knitting or reading this week. I’m still working on Inland and I finally caved and ordered my own copy of A Well Trained Mind. There is too much information in there for me to take in without being able to highlight to my heart’s content.

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