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Joining Ginny and Nicole.

As I sit here typing and drinking  a very strong cup of black tea (because mama needs her some caffeine STAT), I feel like I’m taking a deep breath for the first time today. The kids are napping. All of them. It took over a half hour to put them all down because they all had meltdowns as soon as we came home from our morning outing. Daylight savings has really thrown us for a loop, nap-wise and being gone all last week for my sister’s wedding didn’t help us much. It didn’t rain for the first time in ten days so I took the kids to a public park and let them run around for an hour. We met up with friends who have kids around the same ages as mine, which is nice, because I’m all about sneaking in some adult time when I can.  I tried knitting for a bit but Caleb was fussy and wanted to be held. I read knitting blogs written by these amazing moms who seem to find a chance to knit wherever they are, no matter how many babies they have, and I wonder, how do they do it? Even a mindless project, like a sock, doesn’t get more than a row or two added before I’m dropping it to fix a shoe, or help someone down from the climbing wall, or rip open a cereal bar wrapper.

I feel like I’ve been in a knitting rut this past month. I have been hesitant to start a “big” project (which means a project that isn’t a sock or a hat) because these dang babies take up so much of my time, and I don’t want to have a project that should only take a month to complete end up taking six months. However, I’m bored. Gabe’s socks are dragging on and on because I don’t feel much like knitting stockinette for ten inches straight. Perhaps if his feet were shorter and daintier? But who wants a husband with dainty feet? I digress. Anyway, I knit the poncho for Eddie which turned out beautifully, but I have yet to take photos of it. I will. I promise. Just give me time. I decided a shawl might be a nice middle ground, and so I ordered some Quince and Co Tern in a lovely lavender color for this Hollows Shawl by B. Mandarines. I follow her on Instagram but this will be my first time trying out one of her patterns. I’m quite excited.

My mother was running errands with Eddie a few weeks ago and they popped into Joanne’s for some fabric. While in the store they discovered  ready-made tutus for sale and my mother decided it was her duty to buy Eddie some. Two to be exact. Apparently Eddie put one on, and felt that the fluff factor was not enough, so she requested two of them. She has been wearing them non-stop over her clothing for days and let me tell you, she feels gorgeous in those tutus. I know this because every time she sees her reflection in a mirror, she stops, turns to view herself from all angles, and then proclaims “I’m gorgeous!” To have that level of confidence…I envy her.

The deer have been acting…funny…lately. We have five or six that roam our property but they are all female. A two point buck has been hanging around these past few weeks and he’s been sniffing around the older doe in a way that leads me to believe he’s quite taken with her. Last week it was pouring rain and instead of taking shelter under the apple trees like they normally do, all the females sat down in the open grass and just…stared at one another. They did this for hours. It was a little disconcerting, to be honest. Later that night, around one in the morning, they woke me up because they were chasing one another outside my bedroom window and one of them was making these weird screeching noises. It was terrible. I’m thinking this whole mating season has brought out some strange behaviors. I’ll be glad when it’s over.

too much


This post is going to have a lot of complaining in it. There isn’t any other way to say it. I haven’t written much because I feel as though all I have as of late are a series of complaints, but then again this blog wasn’t designed to share just the pretty in my life. It’s for the ugly as well.
Our trip to Dallas was a whirlwind, and we had a great time. But we were tired. The kids were tired. Gabe and I were tired. We needed a vacation after our vacation. But life resumes as usual and just as I was starting to feel like I was catching up and things were going back to normal, the plague hit.
Eddie came down with it first. Then Sam, and yesterday Gabe and Caleb finally caught the bug. So far, I am the only heathy one in the house. It starts with a runny nose and fever and seems to progress into a cough and to put it delicately…stomach issues.

This is also the week where I am trying to prepare the house for my absence. I am attending my sister’s wedding shower six hours away in Western Washington and I will be gone all weekend. This is the first time I’ve ever been away from my husband and kids…ever. So naturally, there is a lot of prep work to be done: cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, etc.. In other words, this was not the time to be dealing with three sick children. And to top it off, God only knows why, but I agreed to host the preschool co-op here on Friday, which has doubled in size.

I’m tired. I’m overwhelmed. I just want to sleep. Our neighbor dropped off ten pounds of pears on our back porch yesterday. She didn’t want them and said they would just rot at the base of the tree unless we took them. Despite knowing that I wouldn’t have time to do anything with them, I couldn’t bear to let them go to waste. This evening I started to peel the pears and wash the jars, because even though I knew I couldn’t possibly fit anything more on my plate right now, I decided I was going to spend the remainder of my night canning. Gabe walked into the kitchen and found me peeling pears, near tears with a sick, wailing two year old at my feet. “Just stop,” he said. “If we’ve allowed thousands of pounds of apples to rot on our property we can afford to let someone else’s pears go to waste. You don’t have time for this. You don’t need to do this.” He was right.  I need to let go. I can’t do it all. Now they sit on our back porch in the rain. Gabe will take some to work with him. The kids will eat some, and I will make some pear sauce for the co-op on Friday, Whatever we don’t eat will be thrown in the compost. I should be okay with it, but I’m not. Then again, I don’t have any other choice.

My knitting hasn’t progressed much. I have been designing a sock pattern in my head but the farthest I’ve gone is making some notes on a piece of paper and knitting half a swatch. I’m still working on a pair of self striping socks for Gabe, and the ease of it is oddly comforting right now. Mindless.  It’s what I need.

little things







Last Monday I posted about the importance of finding happiness and joy in the little things in life, no matter how insignificant they may seem. I shared a few things that brought me joy over the weekend and received such positive responses from you readers that I decided to make it a regular occurrence. Every Monday I will share something(s) that made me happy over the weekend, no matter how small or insignificant. A freshly wound skein of yarn, a particularly fragrant flower in my garden or a pudgy toddler hand with dirt under the nails clasped within my own. These are the “little things” that make life beautiful.

Her: Three months ago, she was my baby. Always on my hip, a cuddly barnacle in my daily life. Now she is a walking, talking individual entity and I just can’t deal. Her vocabulary increases by the minute and her sense of humor and enthusiasm for life and all things Sam related make this house a happier place. Yesterday she insisted on dressing herself and this is what she chose. I have to say, while it certainly wasn’t what I would have chosen for her (pink top with purple spandex shorts? Please.) I was quite flattered that she chose to wear the socks I knit her a few weeks ago, and insisted that they made her feel “like a pin-sess.” (She meant princess.)

Oh. And that hair. I heart it.

Food for the soul: We don’t eat pork in our house (on account of the whole being Jewish thing) which often stumps guests when they are tasked with bringing over an appetizer for dinner. Most people don’t realize how many appetizers have pork in them until they have to omit it. Bacon-wrapped something or other? Nope. Cocktail weinies? Sorry. Potato skins? I don’t think so. On Saturday we had friends come over and they had the ingenious idea to make jalapeño poppers (which typically have bacon in them) and instead used smoked salmon. They. Were. Amazing.

In the garden: Despite my lack of attention, our garden seems to be thriving, and we have had artichokes and tiny pole bean blossoms pop up in the last week. We have had steamed artichokes every night for the past few nights and hopefully in the next two weeks we will have fresh green beans for dinner.

If anyone else wants to share their weekend with us, please do so. It doesn’t have to be anything major. Maybe a particularly delicious dinner or a new yarn purchase. Whatever it may be, if it brought you joy, it’s worth sharing.  Provide a link to your blog or just a quick blurb in the comments below. Whatever you prefer.

Have a good Monday, friends.


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