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Joining Ginny and Nicole.

The last time I posted about homeschooling a few of you commented on the way Sam was holding his pen. He was fisting his pen and I couldn’t figure out a way to teach him to hold it correctly. Thanks to your suggestions, I was able to find a resource online that helped me show him the correct way to hold a pen and it has made a world of a difference. We don’t really focus on writing letters and numbers as he’s only four, but I do want him to have proper techniques established before we decide to move into the writing stage. Thank you! (I tried to take a photograph of him properly holding his crayon but he wouldn’t let me. Perhaps next time.)

I don’t know why I wait till fall is in full effect before panicking and realizing that I don’t have nearly enough knitted items to clothe my family. It happens every year. I know it’s coming. Why I wait till late September, early October, I have no idea. Eddie was in desperate need of a poncho so I am knitting her this pullover in Madeline Tosh Chunky in Antique Lace. It smells divine (like all good yarn does) and is as soft as can be. I want to live in it. (Fun fact: The designer lives in the same town as me and I love every single one of her designs. Every. Single. One.) I’ve finished the sleeves and now all I have to do is knit until I’m happy with the length and bind off. The pattern calls for a front pocket which I love, but Eddie doesn’t want one. I may do it anyway. I’m plugging away on a pair of socks for Gabe but Caleb doesn’t allow for much knitting these days. He is teething and wants to be held all the time. I should be more annoyed by this but he lets me gnaw on his fat cheeks all day and he sleeps through the night so I think I’ll overlook his fussiness for now.

I put my garden to bed and I am enjoying the break from the work. Not that I did much this year but still. It’s nice to not have to worry about it. The leaves on my snowball bushes are bright red and my hydrangea flowers are all turning colors before they slowly die and the plants go dormant till next spring. I love fall. Happy knitting, friends.

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Joining Ginny and Nicole.

I promised photos of Caleb modeling his Milo vest and here it is! Five months after completion…pattern can be found here. Yarn is Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed.

My weekend away was exactly what I needed following these last few months of stress. Adding a third child to the mix has certainly thrown me for a loop and I feel like the last four and a half months have just been one long stretch of falling behind, barely catching up, and falling behind once more. Lots to share over the next few days but in the meantime, enjoy the photos of a squishy baby in a squishy vest.

Happy Wednesday.

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I once heard someone say that the difference between happy people and unhappy people is not necessarily life circumstances, but the ability to find joy in the little things in life. Happy people find joy in the mundane and see the light in times of darkness. They make games out of their daily chores and find the good in a bad situation. Whether this attitude is derived from their faith, their family or just a God-given ability, happy people make the world a better place. I feel that it is a moral obligation to myself, my friends and my family to be a happy person and I do my best to find joy in even the littlest of things; whether it be a pile of freshly folded laundry, the smell of fresh cut flowers in my dining room or the sound of my children laughing hysterically together in their bedroom when they should be sleeping soundly.  (At least they’re getting along.)

This weekend Gabe was gone on a fishing trip and I spent most of the weekend by myself with the three children. In an attempt to keep a firm grip on my sanity I made a point to capture the little things, no matter how small or insignificant they might seem, that brought me happiness. I thought I would share them with you all.

In the garden: fresh herbs, bees jumping from stalk to stalk on my lavender plants, and my first heirloom tomato of the season

In the orchard: Morning light washing over the Eastern field and the apple trees.

On the needles: My Rosewater shawl is finished and I blocked it yesterday. I’m so in love with how it turned out and I can’t wait to show everyone.

Selfie: I bought a new red lipstick and I wore it all day Friday. Some people might find it ridiculous to wear red lipstick at 9:00 in the morning and they are probably right. But it felt fresh and young, and made me feel more like Sarah, and less like Mama.

I hope everyone else had as good a weekend as I did. Happy Monday, my friends.

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