This weekend I decided I was going to be productive. Pro. Duc. Tive. I made a list of everything I wanted to get done: laundry, weed the garden, pick plums, can and freeze said plums, plant winter vegetables, pickle vegetables, exercise every day, and finish knitting at least half of one sock.

While I didn’t accomplish everything on my list, I can honestly say I did complete most of the list. I pickled three quarts of vegetables. I canned two quarts of plum pie/cobbler filling (using my favorite recipe from this book), and then froze the rest, filling eight one-gallon ziplock bags.

Seriously. Who consumes eight gallons of plum pie filling? I hate wasting food. Obviously.

(By the way, I really like my new canning labels. I found them in Portland a few weekends ago and I love the designs. Very sweet with a vintage vibe. I wish I purchased more than two sets.)

I managed to semi-weed my garden and plant some winter greens and carrots. I sort of rushed through this and didn’t weed enough or plant enough but the kids only overlapped nap time by a half hour so I had to do what I could in that short amount of time.

I washed five loads of laundry, however I didn’t fold a single item and there is a pile of clean clothing in our bedroom that is threatening to topple over and bury a kid alive any minute now.  Baby steps.

I have yet to receive my yarn that I ordered last week for my Inland sweater. I am participating in my first KAL, and I’m very excited. I am also four or five days behind everyone but at least I signed up. In the meantime, I am working on a simple stockinette stitch sock. I did not finish half of it. I have knit less than 12 rows. Again, baby steps.

Ah yes, and finally, my exercise plans. Did I exercise this weekend? I did not. Did I discover a new Mexican place and gorge on burritos and street tacos? Yes. Yes, I did.

raised beds


















The last few days have been really busy. The hot weather is back and we spend most of our time playing outside or patronizing business that have AC. I haven’t had time to do much knitting or photographing. I think the heat depletes my motivational resivour. The majority of the photos were taken in February. Gabe spent two cold and rainy days cutting, sawing and hammering wood in order to make my raised beds. He used a beautiful cedar that has weathered into a nice grey color over the past few months. The layout was his idea. I was going to just have rows of beds side by side but Gabe thought this layout would allow for a greater number of beds in a smaller area and that it would be more pleasing to the eye. He was right. When it comes to aesthetics, he usually is.

After he built the beds, it took an entire day to carry them to the garden, place them, and then fill them with dirt. He had help for a few hours but was on his own for a majority of the time. It was backbreaking work. I’m grateful it wasn’t my back.

The last few photos are the garden in its current state. The unusually hot summer has been good for some plants but not so much for others. My lettuce and kale are unable to stand the heat and went to seed a few weeks earlier than usual. I planted carrots, cabbage, and a few root vegetables in the Spring to see how they would fair, but a lovely case of root maggot ruined my entire crop in a matter of weeks. Gabe has since put together some hoops made out of PVC pipe. You are supposed to stretch garden fabric tightly over the hoops, providing the plants under the fabric access to sun and water while simultaneously keeping the flies and other pests out. I threw out my shoulder a few weeks ago (How, I do not know) and I have yet to complete this task. It has also prevented me from planting my leeks and onions for overwintering, and from weeding for the last two weeks. My poor garden. It looks like a jungle out there.

I don’t know that my shoulder will heal in time for me to even bother planting a fall root crop. I was so looking forward to making homemade sauerkraut this year. I think that opportunity has long passed. but on the bright side, I can still knit, and that’s something for which to be grateful.

Wednesday Yarn Along #4













IMG_7759 (1)


IMG_7763 (1)



*Joining Ginny

I was in the mood for an easy project that didn’t require a lot of thought or concentration. A pair of ribbed socks for Gabe seemed like the perfect project. Plus, it was a small project and it has been too hot to sit comfortably with a pile of wool in my lap. I had planned on sticking to small knits for this very reason until the weather cools off, but once I read about the Summer Sweater Knit Along on the Very Shannon site, I couldn’t resist participating. Aside from the weekly Yarn Along that I occasionally join on Ginny’s site, I have never participated in a Yarn Along that has an actual start and end date. I think this will motivate me to finish the project in a timely manner (6-ish weeks). I find that accountability to others is a great motivator for me. The KAL starts tomorrow, but I only just ordered my yarn, so I don’t even have a swatch knitted or blocked. Not the best way to start my first KAL but hopefully it doesn’t put me too far behind everyone else.

I don’t have a photo of the book itself (because I forgot to take one), but I’m currently reading the third edition of A Well-Trained Mind, which really gives an in-depth look into the Classical Education method. Sam will begin preschool this year and while I don’t think I will use any formal curriculum this year, I have been doing some reading and researching online to try to narrow down which homeschooling path we will follow over the next few (or many) years. Unschooling is too lax for my taste and while I like certain elements of the Waldorf method, I don’t think it’s for us. I’m only a few chapters in, but I am really enjoying it so far; it has an abundance of information and it’s easy to follow. It’s quite thick, my biggest challenge will be finding the time to finish it before its due back at the library.