a few small projects






I have a few little projects going on at the moment, mostly because I don’t have the energy to commit to a big one right now. I’ll post more about why tomorrow. I started knitting a little chicken a few days ago (because who could resist knitting a chicken?) and I am at a stopping point until I run to Joanne’s and buy some poly fill for the body. Tonight I plan to cast on with some beautiful yarn that I picked up in Portland over the summer at a cute little yarn shop called Knit Purl.  The yarn is called Woolfolk and it’s just so soft and luxurious…I’m excited to see how it looks all knit up. I plan on making Swift, and I think it’s going to be my favorite hat this winter. I’m hoping to get the swatch done tonight.

I finally had Gabe take a few photos of my finished Inland sweater. I’ll post more tomorrow for my Wednesday Yarn Along.

so i made pickles

Version 2







The kids are back to normal and we had an activity-filled weekend of birthday parties, visits with grandparents and the usual errands. On Sunday the kids were exhausted and each took (overlapping!) long naps. Gabe and I fought our desire to just relax and watch a movie and instead opted to do something productive. He built me a shelf/phone charging station in the kitchen and I decided to make pickles out of the 50 pounds of cucumbers I had sitting in my fridge.

Okay, fine, there wasn’t 50 pounds of cucumbers in my fridge. But there was enough for me to make 12 quarts of pickles. I didn’t can them, I just pickled them and placed them in our extra fridge that sits in the garage. They’ll last three(ish) months without being canned, but I don’t think that will be a problem for us considering my family can eat through a jar of homemade pickles in less than three days. We like pickles.

The recipe is here. You can also find it on my Pinterest board here.

Note: This recipe works for pickling almost any kind of vegetable. I’ve pickled carrots, cucumbers, radishes, green beans, cauliflower…it’s all good. 


Version 2

*Joining Ginny

Tuesday started out looking like it was going to be a pretty good day. The kids woke up in great moods and Sam was excited to make new friends at the first pre-school homeschool co-op meeting (My, that’s a long title, isn’t it?) we were attending that morning. The meeting went well, and we finalized days, times, and a bare-bones curriculum. It seems to be a like-minded group of moms who are interested in creating a fun, active and (very) lightly-structured learning environment for their kids, which is exactly what I want at this point. I don’t plan on introducing Latin anytime soon. He’s only three, after all.

After the meeting, everything went downhill. The kids started whining pretty heavily and I had to leave because once the crying started I couldn’t seem to console them. On the car ride home, I developed a pounding headache and knowing I wouldn’t be in the mood to make them lunch, I pullled into a drive through and bought the kids some junky food. Once we got home, I discovered both kids had fevers, and after a few bites of lunch they went down for naps and I ended up eating said junky food and taking a long nap myself. When I woke up my headache was still there and I had two very cranky babies. I couldn’t find any time to knit and to top it all off, my computer starting acting funny and I have a feeling it’s going to pass on to the great beyond any day now. It certainly wasn’t a horrible day; I’ve had much worse. But it definitely did not end the way it began. I’m hoping the kids will feel better in a few days and everything will go back to normal.

I’m not sure I can say the same for my laptop.

After making a few pattern adjustments, I finished the first sleeve of my Inland. I have one more sleeve and two pockets to knit and then I am done. I ordered my buttons but I’m not going to show those off until I am finished with the sweater. It’s going to look so good!