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I think I’ve been checking the weather every morning for the past month with the hope that snow might be in our forecast. It’s been predicted once or twice but nothing ever happened. Yesterday, it wasn’t supposed to snow at all, or even rain, and all of a sudden it was snowing. At first it didn’t stick but after a while a light coating of snow covered the entire farm and we bundled the kids up to play in the first snow of the year. It wasn’t much, and by the evening the snow turned to rain, but we appreciated it, nonetheless.

This was the first time Eddie had seen snow, and her reaction was truly priceless. She went from cautious, to bemused, to overjoyed and ended with a flat out temper tantrum when she realized how uncomfortably cold and wet she was. All of this occurred in a time frame of about fifteen minutes.

I learned something new yesterday.  Apparently Sam knows what a snowball is, and he knows the purpose of a snowball is to throw it at the intended target while they’re not looking. Where did he learn that, I wonder? (Death stare in Gabe’s general direction.)

Isn’t that the sweetest locket? It was a Chanukah gift from a dear friend and I absolutely adore it. This particular friend has a true talent; she always picks the most thoughtful gifts that are just right. Don’t you envy that ability? The necklace has a nice patina on the locket, and the chain is a dark bronze, giving it a very vintage look. I don’t know if I will ever get around to printing, cutting and glueing photos in it, because, well, I know me, and I rarely get around to doing things like that, but I will wear it frequently, regardless of what is, or isn’t inside.

The artist is a local woman from Washington state, and you can find her Etsy store here.