I have been too busy and too tired to blog the past few four or five days. Gabe and I have been running around like crazy, attending home building/remodeling shows, making plans for the holiday season (Halloween! Thanksgiving! Chanukah!), and trying to spend as much time together as a family as we possibly can before Gabe heads back to work.

I’ve missed blogging. It’s becoming one of my favorite hobbies. Because that’s what I need. More hobbies. (I really don’t need anymore hobbies.)

Part of my exhaustion is due largely to the fact that I am almost five weeks pregnant with our second child. We could not be more excited. We can’t decide if we want a boy or a girl (as if our opinions on the topic really matter at this point.) It would be so perfect to have two little boys so close in age. Plus, we already have all the boy clothes and accessories lying around here or stored in the garage.Then again, I would love a sweet little girl to dress in pink ruffles and bows.

There is no pink in our house. None at all. It’s heartbreaking.

Anyway, with my busy schedule and lack of energy, I haven’t done much of anything around the house except create a new Halloween wreath for our front door. I bought some coordinating polkadot fabric at Joanne’s and made some rosettes. Then I wrapped a black ribbon with a spider web print all around it, and finished it off with some fake spiders and some cobwebs. It’s not the best wreath I’ve ever made, but I like it. The look is somewhat spooky and somewhat country. Ideally I would have made a giant spider as a focal point, but like I said, I’m tired.

I think that’s going to be my new excuse for the next none months. “I’m tired.” Nobody challenges a tired pregnant woman. At least not in this house.